About ICMA

What is ICMA?

ICMA is the International Cement Microscopy Association. ICMA is a non-profit organization which began in 1981. As microscopic techniques and equipment have evolved and improved since then, so has the utilization of the microscope. The goal of the ICMA is to provide an understanding of:

  • building material microstructure and the relationship between building material microstructure and performance, primarily for problem solving, quality control, and optimization.
  • cement clinker microstructure and the relationship between clinker microstructure and production parameters to improve production output, quality control, and address environmental issues in the cement plant
  • various microscopic techniques as applied in cement and concrete related fields

The goals of the ICMA are accomplished through several activities: a biennial meeting, published proceedings, and the sample exchange program.

Annual Meetings (Now Biennial)

The annual meetings are a blend of practical plant applications, new techniques and approaches, and latest research efforts. Presentations are made by cement and concrete chemists, specialist, petrographers, scientists, technologists, engineers, operators, managers, superintendents, and supervisors from industrial, academic, consulting, and governmental institutions throughout the world.

Meeting topics generally include:

  • Microscopic structures of building materials, including clinker, cement, hydration products, lime, gypsum, aggregates, concrete, slag, flay ash, etc.
  • Relationship between clinker microstructure and production.
  • Application of different types of microscopes, including a workshop.
  • Effect of additives and admixtures on the microstructure of cement and concrete.
  • Relationship between concrete microstructure and performance.

Published Proceedings

The published proceedings of the abstracts/papers presented at the biennial meetings are provided at the meetings. The publication serves as a working tool and source of informative references for problem solving in the areas of clinker, cement, concrete, and other building materials. Additional copies of the proceedings or copies of previous proceedings can be obtained.

ICMA Clinker Sample Exchange Program