Information for 2018 ICMA Conference Exhibitors


Thank you to the following exhibitors who are participating at the 2017 conference!

Thanks to the following exhibitors who participated at the 2016 conference!

For over 20 years SYNERGIE4 has provided service and has distributed state of the art products for electron microscopy, including the Hirox SEM SH-5000M, the best analytical tabletop electron microscope, with an integrated Bruker Nano X-ray detector. Bruker is a leading manufacturer of a wide array of analytical products for TEM and SEM applications, including EBSD, WDS, µXRF and µCT.

At PELCON we are heavily involved in development, production and sale of advanced testing equipment, such as e.g. for automatic thin section preparation, air void slab preparation, and chloride migration. But we also run an esteemed testing laboratory for various types of materials research and documentation – e.g. performance characteristics, durability, microstructure, air void analysis and petrography – mainly focused on concrete and aggregates. Furthermore we do massive consultancy and assistance in advanced concrete technology including evaluation of constituents and ‘tailored mix designs’. Finally we offer training courses on a variety of issues, including petrographic analysis of concrete; please see more on our homepage.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have questions or need to hear more about our services, www.pelcon.dk; pelcon@pelcon.dk.

Founded in 1882, the French Society of Mineralogy and Crystallography aims at establishing a link between all people sharing interest in the fields of mineralogy and crystallography

With our experience in optics and microscopy, OPTICS CONCEPT has offered since 2009 a wide range of microscopes, accessories, control systems, and non-contact measurement systems (both 2D and 3D). Our team of specialists will deliver a customized solution for your needs, while respecting your budget.

Thanks to the following exhibitors who participated at the 2015 conference!